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Today, the consumption of every product in its season has lost its importance. However, the consumption of the product that is in season is possible with dryers. Our vegetables can be consumed throughout the year with the method of drying in the sun, which dates back to ancient times. When vegetables are dried, they have preserved their usefulness and even become more useful. Dried vegetables are a powerful source of fiber and iron. Since vegetables preserve their fiber structure in drying processes, they help with digestive health, weight control, cholesterol management, and blood sugar control. We pick our vegetables in a fully ripened state, pick them up, lay them on a cotton rope or lay them on cotton covers, and dry them for a suitable time for each vegetable in the morning and evening when the sun does not come at the right angle at certain times of the day. At Mereoriginal, we offer you our products with completely natural methods and glass packages with high protection.

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Dried Okra

BAMYA HAKKINDABamya kalorisi çok düşüktür ve doymuş yağ veya kolesterol yoktur. Diyet lifi, müsilaj ..

$108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00

Dried Purslane

SEMİZOTU HAKKINDASemizotu ya da pirpirim, semizotugiller familyasından bir bitki olup yaprakları sal..

$59.40 Ex Tax: $55.00

Dried Tomatoes

Local Dried TomatoesIt is a storehouse of vitamins. Sun-dried tomatoes are a great addition to nutri..

$135.00 Ex Tax: $135.00

Firik Wheat

ABOUT FİRİK WHEATFirik Wheat is a product specific to Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia reg..

$29.16 Ex Tax: $27.00

Okra Seed

How should it be consumed?Okra, which has been mentioned a lot with its health benefits in recent ye..

$29.16 Ex Tax: $27.00