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Organic Molasses

Organic Molasses

Molasses is a dense and sweet syrup made by crushing various fruits, boiling them and straining from goat hair sacks, placing them directly in the sun without any additives and thickening them. The nutritional value of molasses varies according to the fruit made. It is a good source of energy due to the amount of carbohydrates it contains. It is known as a good food and a useful medicine because it contains vitamins B1, B2 and various minerals. Since all carbohydrates are in the form of glucose and fructose, they easily pass into the blood without breaking down in the digestive system. Molasses meets most of the daily calcium, potassium and magnesium requirement. Mereoriginal is the only address for 100% organic products.

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Andiz Molasses New

Andiz Molasses

BENEFİTS-Andız molasses, when consumed regularly with its strong antioxidant properties, ensures tha..

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Goat Horn Carob Molasses New

Goat Horn Carob Molasses

Keçi Boynuzu Harnup Pekmezi..

$78.00 Ex Tax: $78.00

Grape Molasses New

Grape Molasses

Üzüm Pekmezi..

$55.50 Ex Tax: $55.50

Mulberry Molasses

Known as Mulberry White GoldMulberry molasses, which contains many nutrients, is seen by the Anatoli..

$120.01 Ex Tax: $111.12