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Tomato paste is the indispensable ingredient of the kitchens, which is used in almost every dish with a dense consistency obtained after crushing various vegetables, especially tomatoes and red peppers, and extracting their juices.

Tomato paste, which is ideal for adding flavor to meals, is especially rich in vitamins A, C, E, potassium, and folic acid. Tomato paste obtained from fresh, ripe, thin-skinned tomatoes and red peppers provide resistance to many diseases in the body. Our sun-dried village-style natural tomato paste is metabolism-friendly thanks to its organic acids and minerals. Homemade tomato paste, which is at the forefront of Anatolian culture and traditions, is made under hygienic conditions and comes to your table. Our tomato paste, which is offered for sale in glass jars at Mereoriginal, is waiting for you to decorate your tables.

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Pepper Paste

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Tomato Paste

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