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It is prepared by drying nuts, fruits and seeds directly under the sun, and sometimes by adding salt or sugar after the drying process. Nuts meet the body's need for vitamins, minerals and oils thanks to its rich nutritional value. It is recommended to consume an average of a handful during the day. It is known that every nut is beneficial for many diseases. Nuts containing protein are also an important food source for those who do sports. At the same time, those who pay attention to their calorie intake can eat lightly and consume protein-containing nuts. Our carefully selected products among the best are at Mereoriginal.

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Raw Menengic

ABOUT MENENGIC Menengiç, which has been grown in ancient lands for thousands of years and whose..

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How to make almond milk at home?-First of all, soak the almonds in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, so..

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Kavrulmuş Menengiç

Menengiç Nedir?  Kadim topraklarda binlerce yıldır kendisi yetişen ve ismini de yaban fıst..

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Pistachio ..

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Raw Hazelnut Kernels

Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, and health..

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Walnut Kernels New

Walnut Kernels

The benefits of walnuts increase when consumed regularly and strengthen the immune system. It makes ..

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