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100% Laurel and Olive Oil Aleppo Soap

100% Laurel and Olive Oil Aleppo Soap

100% Laurel and Olive Oil Aleppo Soap

What is Soap?
Basically, soap is a composition in which potassium and sodium salts obtained from the acids of long chain organic oils obtained from plants or animals are mixed with strong alkaline substances in certain proportions. Soap molecules surround the oily dirt on the surface where it is used. Cleaning occurs as a result of the dirt flowing away with the water. Being basic, it makes the surface softer and allows the dirt to dissolve more easily.
What are the Benefits of Soap?
The benefits of soap, which we frequently use in personal cleaning, are not limited to removing dirt and leaving a pleasant smell;
It has another important task due to its structure that prevents the formation of bacteria on it. It has an analgesic, anti-itch and healing effect against injuries such as insect bites or fly bites.
It is the soaps that provide hygiene in a naive way without using heavy chemicals, which should be considered especially in homes with babies and children. Before and after changing your baby's diaper, before and after breastfeeding, when children and family members come home from outside, it is essential to wash and rinse their hands thoroughly with soap. You should not do this type of personal cleaning using chemical disinfectants. Otherwise, poisoning and skin wounds may occur.
Thanks to the manufacturing technologies used today, chemical, semi-chemical or fully organic soaps are produced using both vegetable and animal fatty acids. You can use liquid or solid hand soaps with a softening effect, adjusted pH balance, providing both cleaning and care for your children and yourself, with peace of mind. Even sensitively formulated antibacterial soaps do not damage the protective acid cover on the skin.
Soaps are specially formulated for babies and children according to skin type. Environmentally friendly soaps that do not contain irritating chemicals can be used safely.
What is Aleppo Soap?
Aleppo soap is considered to be the first soap produced in history and is especially popular in the Middle East. Traditional Aleppo soap in Syria Aleppo soap, which is prepared with a mixture of laurel tree oil, olive oil and soda, is 100% organic as it does not contain any chemicals.
Aleppo Soap Benefits
Aleppo soap both intensely moisturizes and softens the skin while cleaning it. In addition, due to its anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, it is especially recommended by dermatologists for itchy and irritated skin problems such as allergies, psoriasis and eczema.

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