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Sage Tea

Sage Tea

Sage Tea


Sage is one of the herbal teas that is regularly consumed by many people, especially those who work hard and need relaxation in the pace of daily life. So what does sage do, what are the properties of sage? 

• The herb, which is called sage because it was first brought to Istanbul from Marmara Island, is also known as a bitter apple in the Aegean Region. The leaves of sage, which is a medicinal and aromatic plant, can be drunk as tea when boiled or used by obtaining its essence or, in other words, its essential oil.
o It reduces depression and stress.
It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
o Improves brain functions.
It is good for mouth and gum diseases.
o It is used in skin blemishes and diseases.
It has a relaxing effect on stomach and cholesterol patients.
o Relieves post-menopausal symptoms.
o It protects the digestive system and is good for diarrhea.
o It reduces excessive sweating.


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