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Mulberry Molasses

Mulberry Molasses

Mulberry Molasses

Known as Mulberry White Gold

Mulberry molasses, which contains many nutrients, is seen by the Anatolian people as a shield against diseases. Mulberry molasses is obtained in Tut District of Adıyaman, unlike other regions, without boiling, but by ripening in the sun. In this method, which is applied to prevent the decrease in nutritional value caused by boiling, mulberry must is kept in the frost and sun for three days and three nights.

Mulberries, which are shaken to cloth tables under hygienic conditions without touching the ground, are boiled for only 15-20 minutes after being squeezed. Mulberry molasses, which is prepared by boiling white soil for hours in other regions, is boiled for a very short time in Tut District. After the mulberry syrup is filtered, it is left in the sun in suitable trays. Molasses, which is covered, is packaged at the end of the third day.

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